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> Subject: Brownfields law
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> During the 1997 Florida Legislative Session, the Legislature passed a
> brownfields law. Due to the input of LEAF and others, we were able to turn a
> bad law into something a little better. LEAF has prepared a summary of the
> bill in its upcoming Environmental Justice Watch. If anyone would like a
> copy of the newsletter sent to them, they can e-mail me and I will send them
> a copy when it is ready.
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I would like to request a copy of the newsletter that will ahve a summary
of the bill. California is also developing some Brownfields legislation.
I would also like to hear why you thought the Florida legislation was "bad".

What advice would you give to other organizations interested in
shaping Brownfields policy at the state level.

Also, how did you 'get to the table' to provide your input on the

I appreciate any comments and suggestions.

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