Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
03 Oct 1997 10:11:01

From: "Ignacio Dayrit" <>

I'm Ignacio Dayrit, with the City of Emeryville. Emeryville is an EPA
brownfields pilot recepient. My interests are work-related and personal.
I like following all the developments related to remediation and
development of contaminated sites - brownfields or otherwise. I also like
to follow what issues community groups have in the redevelopment of these
Personally, I'm interested in sustainable development and military base
conversions, particularly overseas.
Career/Pro's doing a great job, facilitating these discussions.

> From: Career/Pro <>
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> Subject: Who is using this Newsgroup?
> Date: Thursday, October 02, 1997 6:23 PM
> Greetings Everyone,
> My name is Tony Chenhansa, the facilitator for this newsgroup. The list
> serve has grown to about 190 people and think this is a good time to
> introduce our selves to each other.
> Please post a reply to this topic saying who you are,and how you relate
> to the Brownfields issues of this conference - this is to let all the
> readers see who else is reading this conference and make it easier to
> see areas of common interest.
> I would encourage people to talk about some of the projects you are
> currently working on. We have a diverse group of participants:
> community, academia, government, lawyers, and consultants.
> I would appreciate any comments or ideas about developing this newsgroup
> to meet your needs.
> Thanks,
> Tony
> Tony Chenhansa
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> San Francisco Urban Institute
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