Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
06 Oct 1997 10:22:47

From: "Warren Goldstein-Gelb" <>

I'm Warren Goldstein-Gelb at the Environment and Community Development
Program at Tufts. Our program has been working with community organizations
in Boston to help provide information and resources to assist in brownfields
revitalization efforts. Following the community's lead, we've become
interested in smaller brownfields sites in areas where the barriers to
redevelopment can be as much political and economic as they are
environmental. We've produced newsletters with the Dudley Street Neighborhood
Initiative, conducted workshops at Roxbury community college, and
developed pollution prevention training for microenterprises. On November
14 and 15 we're sponsoring a regional conference, Vacant Lots to Common
Ground: Strategies for Community-Based Brownfields Revitalization.
Feel free to e-mail: for more information.