Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
07 Oct 1997 10:38:56


My interest in the brownfields issue is based on two interests - health as it
relates to toxins and health as it relates to other environmental factors,
i.e. noise, traffic congestion, air quality, etc. and land use decision
making. The latter relates in a 1:1 fashion to me. Too often I hear that a
brownfields parcel is going to be reused in an industrial fashion, this after
residential uses have grown up around the former use.

I hope that the brownfields discussion will speak to all the above and that
the desires and health of adjacent residents always play a part in any
decision-making. My feeling is that we as a society need to begin to pay
attention to the role which some land use decisions and their resulting
traffic (dust, noise, particulates) implications have on the health of all

Anne Callison in Denver

P.S. Thanks for asking, this has been an interesting exercise in learning
who else is on this list.