Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
07 Oct 1997 14:32:18

From: "Anne Eng" <>

Hello. My name is Anne Eng. I am an environmental attorney and
clinical associate professor with the Environmental Law and Justice
Clinic (ELJC) of Golden Gate University School of Law in San
Francisco. ELJC's law students and attorneys provide free legal and
technical assistance to community groups and public-interest
organizations, focusing on environmental justice issues.

Since 1994, we have been working extensively with the Southeast
Alliance for Environmental Justice (SAEJ), a grassroots group of local
residents in the Hunters Point community of San Francisco. We are
conducting a community-wide environmental assessment project and, to
date, have identified several hundred sources of pollution in the
neighborhood. SAEJ maintains a computerized database of local
contaminated sites that has been shared with the local San Francisco
Brownfields project. We understand that many of the sites which are of
concern to SAEJ may also be potential sites for redevelopment under
the Brownfield program.

I am linked to this newsgroup to keep abreast of legislative
developments and community stategies in this area. Thanks for your
support, Career/Pro!