Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
08 Oct 1997 16:33:47

I am a consultant, providing legal, legislative and administrative advice on
environmental, conservation and sustainable development issues to developing
countries, primarily through the UN. Environmental contamination (including
its remediation and prevention, as well as the safe use of contaminated
sites) are a very important component of the work I do.

In a former incarnation, I was an environmental lawyer with Morrison and
Foerster (and earlier with Orrick Herrington), working primarily on superfund
and other contamination sites. While in private practice I had written a
book on my particular area of specialty within this field -- the
transactional and business aspects of environmental contamination. I
continue to be active in this field as well, as a consultant and advisor to
many entities (law firms, corporations, non-profit organizations, community
groups, and government agencies) specializing in developing cooperation and
consensus in response to environmental problems and conservation imperatives.

I really appreciate this newsgroup, and the opportunity to examine many
aspects of the brownfields issue and many new perspectives on it.

Tomme R. Young
MERIT Enterprises
San Francisco, California

PS. I would appreciate it if you would contact me before passing my name or
electronic address along to anyone else.