Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
10 Oct 1997 15:15:54

From: Marady Conner <>

Greetings everyone. I'm Marady Conner, Principal of Conner
Communications. I'm a consultant who specializes in public
participation / outreach / education for environmental, transportation
and energy projects. My interest in the brownfields conference is to
see community members participating with government in making decisions
to revitalize declining properties and thereby, neighborhoods. I
believe in the power of public involvement and have found that when
governments truly reach out to include the public in decision-making,
miraculous results occur. With a background in public participation in
Superfund and California State Superfund projects, my current projects
include community relations for the extension of the BART train to the
San Francisco Airport, web page development and general community
relations support for some chemical warfare material removal actions at
the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, and a variety of other
community outreach projects.

Marady Conner
Conner Communications
Los Angeles
(818) 762-7474