Environmental Justice & Brownfields

31 Oct 1997 09:59:33

From: GrahamD <GrahamD@howrey.com>

My name is David Graham. I practice environmental law with
Howrey & Simon and serve as a mediator in environmental related
disputes.. Nelson Smith, a colleague and minority attorney, and I
recently co-authored an article "Environmental Justice and Underlying
Societal Problems" which appears in the November issue of the
Environmental Law Reporter's News & Analysis . One of the issues we
address in this article is brownfields.

I am currently working with Capital Environmental, a consulting
firm associated with my firm that evaluates and assesses the
environmental liabilities associated with contaminated properties and
locates and develops financing options for such properties. One of our
current projects involves filing a cost recovery case against the prior
owner/seller of a group of manufacturing facilities and insurance
companies that carried coverage for environmental damages on the
properties to recover cleanup monies to apply to redeveloping the
properties for reuse.

I believe this list serve could prove very useful to so many of
us who work in this area and I applaud CPRO for establishing it.
David B. Graham
Howrey & Simon
1299 Pennsylvania Ave.,NW
Washington, DC 20004