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From: Xintaras, Charlie <chx1@cdc.gov>
Date: 02 Mar 1998 13:55:08
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: Request for help: Brownfields Glossary

Try the ATSDR Office of Urban Affairs at:
http://atsdr1.atsdr.cdc.gov:8080/OUA/  Scroll to the "List of Acronyms
and Glossary of Key Words".  Thanks to EPA for developing the list.

Charlie Xintaras
From: Career/Pro
To: cpro-brownfields@igc.apc.org
Subject: Request for help: Brownfields Glossary
Date: Friday, February 27, 1998 8:15PM

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone put together or seen a "glossary"  or definitions of terms
used in the Brownfields process(health, environmental, legal, etc,
terms) for
the public?  There is a gentleman working for the City of Hartford as
Brownfield coordinator and the local health department who are working
educate and involve the community.  They requested some help in coming
with a glossary to help people understand the brownfields process.

Thanks for any help.

Tony Chenhansa

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