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From: "Theodore J. Henry" <thenry@umaryland.edu>
Date: 07 Apr 1998 13:19:45
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: Community Involvement
Hello All:

Just wanted to clarify a point about my comment posted recently.  A
colleague noted to me that the comment I responded to about the "interests
of the developer" was made by one person and I defamed another.  Since I
did not mean to defame anyone, I thought it best to post an apology.  I
made my comment to the point that community comments can
make a big difference in clearing a site for redevelopment in that the
earlier the community is brought in and given accurate information, the
better the end result as far as the reasonableness of the comments and the
working relationship needed to reach compromise.  I did not read the
initial quote as really offensive or the like, as this was just a point of
discussion.  In turn, my comments were not meant to be caustic, and since
there are occasional days where I come across in this manner, I thought it
best to clarify myself.

Keep up the interesting discussions.


Ted Henry, MS
CHAPP Center
University of Maryland
(410) 706-1767

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