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From: Career/Pro <cpro@igc.apc.org>
Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 11:21:05 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Community Consultant Directory
Community Consultant Directory

In response to requests from our community partners for technical
assistance, CPEO is putting together a directory of  technical
consultants who specialize in working with  communities that are
affected by environmental problems.  This directory will be available on
the World Wide Web and will complement the other information services we
provide. Our objectives are to make the process of searching for a
consultant easier for interested community parties and to promote the
services of technical consultants who have focused on community work.

We are asking consultants answer a few questions, so that we can provide
sufficient information to interested parties.  There will be no fee for
listing. The Community Consultant Directory is not an endorsement of the
consultants listed and potential clients will still need to conduct
their own evaluation process.   Note:  If you are not a consultant but
know of a anyone who specialize in technical assistance for communities
please forward this questionnaire to him or her.  Please e-mail
questionnaire answers to cpeo@igc.apc.org

If you have any questions about the Community Consultant Directory
please feel free to contact CPEO at 415-904-7751 or e-mail

Thank you

Community Consultant Questionnaire

1. Do you specialize in any particular medium, contamination type?(If so
please describe)

2. How would you classify yourself?
(Chemist, hydrologist, generalist, engineer, toxicologist, etc.)

3.  What contact info would you like to list in the directory?
(business name, address, phone, e-mail, www site, etc.)

4. What geographic areas do you serve/not serve?

5. What are some projects where you worked closely with community
(Please list and describe at least one project)

6.  What types of cleanup technologies are you familiar with?
(example: in-situ bioremediation, air sparging, incineration, oxidation,

7.  What kinds of credentials/experience do you have in the
environmental field?
(example: degrees, certificates, other related experience)

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