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From: Amber Evans <aevans@uclink4.berkeley.edu>
Date: 07 May 1998 00:55:29
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: Solicitation for short articles
To Torri at Urban Habitat:

I think a fascinating study is the potential siting of a recycled paper
mill in South Bronx - I have alternatley seen it lauded as model of
sustainable development including a model of addressing environmnetal
justice and alternately (always in different sources) heard of lawsuits in
the name of environmental justice (aggrevated asthma and lower air quality)
-  Would love to see a story exploring the complexity of both potenbtially
oversimplified versions!

Others in group may know about this and could contribute or it may already
be written or if there is interest but no authors I would be willing to
synthesize what I've yet learned and ferret out a bit more.

Amber Evans
UCB 1st year Master City Planning Student
At 03:48 PM 5/5/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>what's the deadline for submitting an
>>>> Torri Estrada <tje@igc.org> 05/05/98
>12:00pm >>>
>The Urban Habitat Program is currently
>putting together a special issue of
>its quarterly journal, Race, Poverty, and
>Environment, to focus on land and
>social justice.  We are currently gathering
>articles that discuss various
>aspects of brownfields redevelopment,
>especially environmental justice,
>community development, and social
>We would be interested in short articles
>(750-1500 words) either already
>written or in draft form discussing
>brownfields, community economic
>development, and the following topics:  
>        1) case studies and examples of
>community-led brownfields projects
>(including planning and project
>development phases); 
>        2) case studies and examples of
>brownfields redevelopment that have
>strong community participation;
>        3) innovative programs and projects
>integrating public and
>environmental health issues into
>brownfields redevelopment;
>        4) job training and employment
>opportunities for low-income
>residents and people of color;
>        5) integrating affordable housing,
>locally- and "minority-owned"
>businesses, and efforts to address
>gentrification in brownfields
>        6) brownfields redevelopment
>projects that incorporate open space,
>parks, urban agriculture/gardens, and/or
>restored landscapes and habitats as
>a reuse.  
>If anyone knows of any existing article
>(written and/or published) or would
>like to possibly submit an original piece,
>please contact Torri at Urban
>Habitat (tje@igc.apc.org).
>Thank you for your help.
>Torri Estrada, Project Coordinator
>Brownfields Community Leadership
>Urban Habitat Program, Building 97
>P.O. Box 29908, Presidio of San
>San Francisco, CA  94129-9908
>Tel: (415) 561-3336
>Fax: (415) 561-3334

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