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Subject: Registration Materials: National Stakeholders' Forum on Monitored Natural Attenuation
National Stakeholders' Forum on Monitored Natural Attenuation

To: Individuals, representing diverse constituencies, who are interested
in learning about, and discussing, the policies and processes regarding
natural attenuation.

From: Center for Public Environmental Oversight

Date: August 31 and September 1, 1998 (Two full days)

Location: Westin Hotel, Milbrae, CA (Near the San Francisco
International Airport)

Fee: There is NO fee for participation, however, REGISTRATION IS
REQUIRED.  Please fill out and return the enclosed forms.

Travel: To ensure broad participation, a limited number of travel
scholarships will be made available to community advisory board members
and tribal representatives.  Please see the attached Community Travel
Scholarship Application for details.

This forum is designed to help community stakeholders become familiar
with the science of natural attenuation and actively influence
regulatory oversight policies on monitored natural attenuation.

Some topics that will be discussed are:
* Introduction to groundwater and policy
* Site characterization and monitoring
* Regulatory issues
* Stakeholder comments and concerns
* Agency policies on natural attenuation

More and more, responsible parties are proposing to address groundwater
and soil contamination by relying upon monitored natural attenuation.
Depending upon the conditions, regulatory agencies have accepted this
approach for the remediation of petroleum products, volatile organic
compounds (such as TCE), and even inorganics such as heavy metals and
short-lived radionuclides.

To provide a systematic regulatory framework, U.S. EPA is developing a
policy on Monitored Natural Attenuation. Thus far, however, there have
been few opportunities for public stakeholders-the people who live at or
near contamination sites-to express their views.

To bring the public into the process, CPEO is hosting a two-day national
stakeholders' forum on monitored natural attenuation at hazardous waste
sites. This forum will present state-of-the-art research on the
technologies of natural attenuation, clarify national policy issues on
the use of natural attenuation as a remedy, and offer stakeholders from
all constituencies the opportunity to comment upon the growing reliance
upon natural remedies.

This forum will address natural attenuation in the following context:
When is natural attenuation appropriate as part of the remedy?  How,
over time, will we know if natural attenuation is working?  What will be
done in the event that natural attenuation does not work as planned? At
the end of the forum, CPEO will compile a summary report of citizen
concerns and comments for regulatory agencies, responsible parties, and
stakeholder groups.  The report will help to ensure that the use of
natural attenuation in cleanup programs will meet the needs of affected

Please see the following pages for information on registration, travel,
lodging, and travel scholarships.

Sunday, August 30-Advisory Board Members' Symposium
2 - 5 PM How Can Local Community Members Influence National Policy?
CPEO is sponsoring this special session, for public stakeholder
participants, as a discussion devoted to national  issues affecting
local communities . . . and, if everyone is good, we'll try to organize
a dinner in the city after the symposium!

Monday, August 31-Day 1
8 - 9 AM        Registration
9 AM - 12 PM    Morning Session, Welcome & Introduction, Panel I,
Q&A, General Discussion
12 - 1 PM       Lunch
1:15 - 5:30 PM  Afternoon Session, Panel II, Q&A, General Discussion,
Breakout Groups, Report Back
5:30 PM         Reception

Tuesday, September-Day 2
8:30 AM - 12 PM Morning Session, Brief Re-Cap of Day 1, Panel III,
Q&A, General Discussion
12 - 1 PM       Lunch
1:15 - 5 PM     Afternoon Session, Panel IV, Q&A, General Discussion
                Breakout Groups, Final Report Back
5 PM         Adjourn

Panel Discussions*
Natural Attenuation of Contaminants-fuels, VOCs, inorganics, stakeholder
perspective Introduction to Groundwater Contamination-groundwater
overview, groundwater regulatory policy history, the importance of
cleaning up groundwater Regulator and Community Response-federal-,
state-, and local-government, and stakeholder experience
Groundwater Cleanup Technologies-conventional methods, bioremediation,
monitoring technologies, technologies & stakeholders

Invited forum speakers include: Tad McCall (Deputy Asst. Sec. for the
Air Force, Envir. Safety and Occup. Health), Felicia Marcus (USEPA
Region IV Administrator ), Todd Weidemeier (Assoc. Tech. Dir., Parsons
Engineering Science), Lenny Siegel (Dir., CPEO), and many others.

Lodging Arrangements

A block of rooms for this event are being held at the Westin Hotel.  We
have negotiated a group discount rate of $92 per night.  To ensure this
rate, all lodging reservations at the Westin must be made by August
10th.  After that date, we cannot guarantee the group rate and rooms
will be reserved only on a space-available basis.  Please call the
Westin Hotel at 650-692-3500, weekdays 7 AM - 5 PM (PDT); at other times
call 800-228-3000 to reserve a room.  For the group discount rate,
please state that you are calling about the Center for Public
Environmental Oversight event. CPEO will arrange all lodging for those
receiving travel scholarships.

Travel Information

For those arriving by plane, the Westin Hotel is located 2 miles south
of the San Francisco International Airport.  The hotel has a free
shuttle to and from the airport every 30 minutes.  A hotel courtesy
phone is located at each baggage claim area.

Traveling north or south on Highway 101 take the Millbrae Avenue East
exit to the Old Bayshore Highway and then right to the hotel (see map

Check-in for the forum will be outside the Westin Ballroom beginning at
8:00 AM.  Please be there early to take advantage of a continental

We hope this helps.  We look forward to seeing you.  If you have any
questions, please contact Jeff Green at 415-904-7751, or by Email at

In order for us to know how much food to order, have name tags made up
for everyone, and to compile a comprehensive list of attendees, we need
your RSVP. After registering, you will receive a confirmation packet
with a detailed agenda, and travel and scholarship materials.  Due to
funding we are limiting the number of attendees to 400 people. If you
are able to attend please fill out the form below and return it via
post, fax or Email as soon as possible.  If you are applying for a
Travel Scholarship, you must register by August 10, 1998.

Attn. Jeff Green
Center for Public Environmental Oversight
425 Market St. 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA  94105
Phone: 415-904-7751
Fax: 415-904-7765
Email: cpeo@igc.org

Please put an (X) next to the days that you plan to attend:
      Sunday, Aug. 30-Advisory Board Members' Symposium
      Monday, Aug. 31-Conference Day 1
      Tuesday, Sept. 1-Conference Day 2

Affiliation (or Advisory Board):
Day Phone:
Day Fax:
Home Phone:
Home Fax:

Are you requesting a travel scholarship?
    No      Yes (see Scholarship Application)

Do you have any special needs (e.g. vegetarian meals, special
accommodations)? Please explain:

Please put an X next to appropriate categories:
        RAB/SSAB Member
        Envir. Organization
        Tribal Representative
        State/Fed. Regulator
        Federal Agency
        State/Local Govt.
        Tech Developer

CPEO wishes to encourage community stakeholder representation from each
state.  To ensure broad participation, there is NO registration fee for
this conference. We are offering a LIMITED number of travel scholarships
on a first-come-first-served basis to community participants,
RAB/CAB/SSAB members,and members of a sovereign Indian Nations.

Travel scholarships will be provided in the form of government travel

Travel CPEO and USAF will subsidize and book air travel, and provide
tickets directly to scholarship recipients at no charge.  The Westin
Hotel provides a free airport shuttle service that runs every 30

Lodging CPEO will make lodging arrangements based on arrival and
departure dates.  Scholarship recipients must pay the up-front lodging
costs at a group rate of $92/night, but will be fully reimbursed.
Meals Scholarship recipients must also cover up-front meal costs, but
will be reimbursed at the government rate of $42/day.

Important:  Scholarships are limited to 3 days/2 nights for western U.S.
participants, and 4 days/3 nights for eastern U.S. participants.  The
scholarships do not provide for car rentals, phone calls, or other
incidental expenses.  Please contact Jeff Green at 415-904-7751 or by
Email cpeo@igc.org with any questions on travel scholarships or

Please complete and return this form with your registration by 12 PM
(EST) on August 10. 1998.

Social Security No. (required *):
Full Address:
Affiliation (or Advisory Board):

The following information will be used to facilitate the booking of
flights.  Our travel agent will try to accommodate preferred flight
times and seating, but we cannot guarantee availability. The agent will
contact recipients directly to make final reservations.

Home Airport:
Seating Preference:   Window   Aisle

Please put an X next to the flight date and preferred time for both your
departing and returning flights:

Departure Date:
        Sun 8/30
        Tue 9/1
Preferred Time:
        before 10AM
        10AM - 2PM
        2 PM - 6 PM
        after 6 PM

Return Date:
        Mon 8/31
        Wed 9/2

Preferred Time:
        before 10AM
        10AM - 2PM
        2 PM - 6 PM
        after 6 PM

* A Social Security number is required for reimbursement of any
individual traveling on government travel orders.  Without this
information, we will be unable to process your application.

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