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From: Career/Pro <cpeo@cpeo.org>
Date: 28 Oct 1998 16:42:51
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: CPEO Plants A Technology Tree on the Web
"CPEO Plants a Technology Tree on the Web"

Are you looking for free information about characterization and remediation 
technology? Start with the Center for Public Environmental Oversight's (CPEO) 
"Technology Tree!"


The goal of this web site is to help public stakeholders participate 
knowledgeably in the selection of cleanup remedies or other relevant 
technologies. You can define a problem and get a short list of 
technologies, innovative and conventional, designed to solve it. Or you 
can look up a technology, learn about it, and then check to see what 
other technologies might do the job.  

The Technology Tree or "Tech Tree" doesn't use the typical "Search 
Engine" to find its information.  The web site's content is governed by 
the philosophy that 'Quality is better than quantity'.  CPEO hired an 
actual person to go through other cleanup technology web sites and weed 
out the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Eleven months work and 97 
remediation technology descriptions later, the web site is a 
user-friendly, "front-end", decision-making tool for learning about the 
available types of technologies.  The "Tech Tree" doesn't duplicate 
existing information on other professional web sites.  Instead it 
provides basic info about a technology and additional links for users who 
want more comprehensive descriptions. The Tech Tree does not endorse or 
oppose specific technologies, but the descriptions mention limitations 
and concerns about each technology.  

The site has 200 glossary terms, which are linked throughout the 97 
technology descriptions. Our Resource Page contains web site links, 
points of contact for different federal agencies, and a directory of 
independent technical consultants.  This is a new approach, with a great 
deal of original material. We're looking for criticisms, suggestions, and 
corrections. And if you use the Technology Tree to influence a cleanup 
decision, we'd like to hear about it.  Please feel free to e-mail 
cpeo@cpeo.org or call (415) 904-7751 for more information and questions. 

This project is sponsored by the Bay Area Defense Conversion Action Team 
(BADCAT) through the Bay Area Economic Forum in California.

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