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Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 09:19:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: RE: Learning and Action

Communities are moved to action by the realization of what is going on in
their own backyards.  Sadly, the majority of community members stay focused
on just those things that affect them directly at that particular moment.
We are all too busy to take time to learn or see the big picture and sadly
that is left up to a minority number of community members.

Alaska has a very diverse population between natives and non-natives,
environmentalists and non-environmentalists.  With oil monies supplying our
state budget everyone, even the environmentalists, are careful as to how far
they push.  However, everyone also realizes the importance of the fish and
game that is used for subsistance and that preservation of those resources
are also extremely important.  That leaves us with constantly seeking
balance.  Balance between development and conservation.  Seeking this
balance has brought about several "watch dog" groups that maintain a
vigilant watch over the development, production, handling, and
transportation of oil products in the State.  This creates a number of
methods of information sources that touches a greater portion of the
community. Thus, the community is more in tune with what is happening and
are more likely to incorporate this information into their daily focus.

Alaskans have a vested interest in what goes on in this State.  We all get
money from the production of oil.  Our government is operated from oil
royalties.  Our natural fish and wildlife resources are the only sources of
food and income to many in our State.  We have learned that both must be
preserved to maintain the life we are now living.

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i would tend to disagree that communities are not moved to action by their
realization of what is happening in their own backyards.  community members,
at least down here in bayview hunters point, san francisco, participate in
boards, committees, and the such to try to address the questions that were

what i think happens is that the governmental institutions that  set up the
structures in which community residents participate are more interested in a
long drawn out "process" than actual community empowerment.  oftentimes
community organizations move their constituencies into action, but  the
people get bogged down in the process which can take years.

capital, which is the quickest way to bust through the shackles of process,
is not put directly into the hands of the folks who need it most.  this
eventually leads to frustration and burnout.

alex lantsberg

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