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Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 13:20:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: All Open Space Is Not Equal -Reply

Lenny Siegel's points on open space are right on.  Different types of
spaces can create very different reactions from the community, and also
have very different effects on the potential for "recycling" the land.  Golf
course uses can result in at least some revenue stream to offset
expenses, and the grading and filling can serve to cap at least some
contamination that was otherwise present.  I am aware, for example, of
industrial sites that have been recycled in this way, and in Oregon there
is a resort and golf course built on an old landfill.  (The only issue that I
am aware of there wasbeing sure that there was a gathering system for
the landfill produced methane. )

Trails can be a particularly valuable open space resource, because they
allow for better use and access to other open spaces.  A long standing
program which "recycles" land but has not historically been described as
a brownfields program is the "Rails to Trails" program, which turns old
railroad right of way into bike or walking trails.

Chuck Patrizia

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