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From: skoyasak@dtsc.ca.gov
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 16:58:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: risk analysis of brownfields
My agency is heavily involved in the issue you mentioned as we are the =
lead agency for remediation of the LAUSD school sites, among other things. =
 The two new school siting bills signed by the Governor also give new =
responsibilities to DTSC in this area.  Feel free to contact me if you =
wish to discuss this matter, (916) 322-6996.

>>> <atom@usc.edu> 10/21/99 12:59PM >>>

I was wondering if any of you have been involved with community residents
or organizations participating in the risk analysis of brownfield sites.
Basically, the community education and decision of determining "how clean
is clean" or what is clean enough for the health and safety of end users
and residents.  I'm particularly interested in the siting of public use
facilities such as Schools!. Yes, quite a controversial and exciting topic
in LA these days.  I guess the similar type of use would be parks,
recreation areas and housing.

I've been asked to do some community workshops on this education,
participation, and decision-making aspect of the public health risk
issue.  I have been searching for literature and risk and decision
analysis models. I know there are some sophisticated computer software
engineers use, but was interested in something more cost effective and
user-friendly (although I'm not assuming that the software are not, I just
haven't seen them firsthand).

I'd appreciate anyone pointing out some academic as well as more practical
resources.  Thank you in advance.

Allison J. Tom                                         atom@scf.usc.edu=20
Doctoral Program in Planning and Development Studies   (213)362-9115wk
School of Policy, Planning, and Development            (213)362-9119fx
University of Southern California (USC)                (310)664-0325hm=20

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