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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Environmental Justice Book Published
Original Message from: Michael Gerrard <Michael_Gerrard@aporter.com>
Subject:  Environmental Justice Book Published

DISPROPORTIONATE RISK, an 829-page treatise that comprehensively covers
this rapidly emerging area of law, has been published by the American Bar
Association's Section of Environment, Energy and Resources.  The book was
edited by Michael B. Gerrard.  The price is $129.95 for Environment section
members; $139.95 regular; $75.00 for students, non-profit organizations,
government agencies, and lawyers working with non-profit organizations.
Order from the ABA, 1-800-285-2221.  Product Code 5350071.


     Part One: Legal Theories

1.  Equal Protection, by Philip Weinberg
2.  Title VI, by Bradford C. Mank
3.  Other Civil Rights Titles, by Colin Crawford
4.  Executive Order 12,898, by Bradford C. Mank
5.  State Programs and Authorities, by Chuck D. Barlow
6.  Native American Law, by Judith V. Royster

     Part Two: Legal Procedures

7.  Public Participation, by Sheila Foster
8.  Access to Information, by Bernard A. Weintraub
9.  Impact Assessment, by Sheila Foster
10.  Risk Assessment, by Carl F. Cranor
11.  Access to the Courts, by Ellen Chapnick
12.  Evidentiary Issues, by Kenneth J. Warren
13.  Legal Ethics, by Irma S. Russell

     Part Three: Legal Objectives

14.  Stopping or Building New Facilities, by Michael B. Gerrard
15.  Controlling Existing Facilities, by Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
16.  Cleaning Up Old Facilities, by Larry Schnapf
17.  Redeveloping Old Facilities, by Elizabeth A. Stringer
18.  Controlling Residential Exposure, by Barnett Lawrence
19.  Assisting Injuried Individuals, by Allan Kanner
20.  Controlling Exposures in the Workplace, by Barbara Olshansky
21.  Protecting Citizens of Other Countries, by Jeffrey B. Gracer

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