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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] job announcement

Position Announcement:

The California Environmental Redevelopment Fund, or CERF, is being
established as an innovative, statewide lending program.  Its mission is
to support the cleanup of "brownfields" and other contaminated properties,
to promote economic revitalization, and to encourage sensible growth
patterns. CERF is already becoming a national model, with a similar
initiative underway in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

CERF will be capitalized by financial institutions and corporations in
California, with total commitments anticipated in the $50 - $75 million
range.  As an independent public-purpose, for- profit entity, CERF will
finance the assessment and clean up of environmentally contaminated
properties, serving as a catalyst to restore them to productive use.  CERF
will offer a flexible source of financing for developers, site owners,
small businesses, and public agencies.  

The program has been developed with input from an expert task force of
over 40 California banks, corporations, public agencies, bank and
environmental regulators, law firms, nonprofits and market practitioners.
Through this process, a detailed business plan, organizational and legal
documentation, and financing products and underwriting criteria have been
developed.  In the summer of  2000, banks and other types of corporations
will be formally invited to join as founding investors of CERF.

CERF will become operational in the fall of 2000, and is seeking a
President to lead the new organization. CERF will be based in California,
with the specific location to be determined once the President is hired.


The President of CERF will lead the start-up of the new organization, be
chiefly responsible for implementing its financing programs, and oversee
its staff and management.  The president will be assisted by a staff of
loan officers and administrative support, which will increase in size as
the entity's investment volume grows.

The specific responsibilities of the President will include the following:

1.  Oversees and directs the operations of CERF:
* Manages lending programs, under the direction of the Board and
Investment Committee, consistent with the goals, policies, and priorities
that have been established
* Recommends and implements organizational and financing strategies
* Prepares, monitors and controls organizational budget

2.  Serves as the initial senior loan officer for CERF:
* Screens loan applications and works with project sponsors through the
underwriting process
* Evaluates and presents loans to the Investment Committee for approval
* Works closely with member banks and corporations to generate
transactions, and to refine financing products and underwriting criteria
for different markets throughout California.
* Chiefly responsible for identifying and originating CERF's deal flow

3.  Plans and coordinates marketing and outreach:
* Publicizes and markets CERF's loan program statewide
* Establishes working contacts with the nonprofit, for-profit and
public-sector sponsors of environmentally contaminated real estate
developments, and business owners of contaminated sites throughout
* Establishes active relationships with the relevant environmental
regulators in California.
* Serves as spokesperson for CERF in activities related to media and
public relations.

4.  Oversees loan administration functions:
* Oversees development of systems for tracking loan commitments, funding,
repayments, servicing, and loan monitoring
* Initially, coordinates loan closing and loan servicing functions
* Maintains credit files
* Implements comprehensive loan monitoring and compliance activities

5.  Supervises staff:
* Determines staffing requirements, hires program and administrative
staff, and administers all personnel activities for CERF in accordance with
established policy.
* Oversees staff workflow and deadlines to meet goals and objectives of
approved programs and budget.
* Motivates and evaluates staff performance 

6.  Provides Board support:
* Manages all communications with CERF Board of Directors and Investment
* Works with Board members to identify, define and initiate new programs for


CERF seeks an executive who will be an effective and aggressive leader for
the start-up of the new organization.  Ideally, CERF's President will have
a combination of expertise related to financial underwriting and
environmental risk management.  Recognizing that candidates may not have
the background and experience in all areas, the following experience and
qualifications are required or considered highly desirable: 

* At least seven years experience, with ten years preferred, in a
combination of direct financial and/or environmental risk evaluation,
along with relevant experiences in commercial real estate and/or business
* Substantial supervisory experience
* Knowledge of environmental risk analysis, real estate finance, and/or bank
lending practices.
* College degree required; masters degree(s) preferred
* Commitment to CERF's vision and proposed financing programs

Highly Desired:
* Experience in working with a range of constituencies, including banks,
corporations, regulators, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
* Financial management skills in an organization of equivalent size and
* Superior organizational development skills.

Compensation, including incentives and benefits, will be commensurate with
experience and background.

To apply, please send resume, cover letter, and references to:

		CERF Search Committee
		 c/o The Development Fund
		 231 Sansome Street, 6th Floor
		 San Francisco, CA  94104
		 Fax:  (415) 981-1075

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