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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Brownfields legislation
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Thanks for adding me to the list serve and mailing list for the citizens
report on Brownfields.

Senator Lincoln Chafee has introduced legislation which may be of
interest to you and the list.

Section by Section Summary of S. 2335
Introduced by Senator Lincoln D. Chafee
March 30, 2000  

S 2335, The State and Local Brownfields Revitalization Act of 2000 is an
important initiative which addresses the challenges we faced in finding
remediation funds to help us clean up a Brownfield destined for green
space and recreational reuse.  As you know, current funding options are
loans or funds tied to 108 loan funds.

This bill authorizes the US Army Corps of Engineers to establish a
program to provide assistance to State, regional and local governments
to remediate and restore Brownfield sites that would contribute the
quality, conservation, and sustainable use of waterways and watershed

It allows the Corps to conduct site characterization and planning, site
design and construction, environmental restoration and preparation for
site development.

It requires that the Corps take into consideration whether a project
would improve public health and safety, encourage economic and
environmental redevelopment, or foster the creation of parks, greenways,
or other recreational property.

It limits the assistance provided by the Corps to Brownfield sites owned
by State, regional or local governments.

It requires that any Brownfields work performed by the Corps be subject
to a 35 percent non-Federal match.  The non-Federal match can be made in
cash or in-kind contributions, including site characterization and site
remediation services performed within five years prior to signing an
agreement with the Corps.

Limits the federal share at a site to $3,250,000.  If the Corps
determines that the size or level of contamination at a site requires
additional funds, the Corps may spend up to $5,000,000.

Authorizes annual appropriations of $100,000,000 for five fiscal years.
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