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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] "Unwelcome Neighbors" Report Day 2 and Day 3
Unwelcome neighbors Day 2: How the poor bear the burdens of America's
A special report from the Times-Picayune

Day 2

When dealing with community groups making environmental justice complaints,
nothing seems to enrage Louisiana officials more than the involvement of
so-called "outsiders."

Usually that means Greenpeace, the international environmental group known
for high-profile stunts such as chaining its rafts to whaling ships. It
also means the presence of the group's environmental justice point man,
Damu Smith.



Unwelcome neighbors Day 3: 

They're convinced their health problems stem from factories across the
street, dumps down the road, bad-tasting water. All too often, science
proves them neither right nor wrong. In Mossville, some people have high
levels of dioxin, while in Grand Bois, a number have high levels of lead.
Studies show that, parish by parish, residents of the industrial corridor
suffer no more maladies than anyone else, but identifying health trends on
a community-wide level and linking problems to specific sources of
pollution, stretches the limits of science.

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