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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Goodwin College, East Hartford, Connecticut
Goodwin College builds futures by town riverfront

By Bill Doak
East Hartford Gazette (CT)
April 10, 2008

Goodwin College was one of six Connecticut organizations awarded 
significant EPA funding to help revitalize "brownfields", former 
industrial and commercial sites, for new uses.

In Goodwin's case, the money will be put to good use restoring a former 
oil tank farm along the East Hartford riverfront to a college campus. 
Work is well underway filling in the hollowed-out lagoons which had 
surrounded the storage tanks, landscaping the land into what will soon 
become a lawn college students will cross on the way to class, or bask 
on on a sunny spring day such as Monday.

Instead, on Monday it was Goodwin College President Mark Scheinberg who 
was basking in yet another solid confirmation that his vision of a 
riverfront campus was becoming a reality. After accepting an outsized 
check for $600,000 from Linda Murphy of the Boston EPA office, and 
posing for a group picture, he led a tour of the new campus building 
under construction, the view of the swollen Connecticut River sparkling 
in the sun from Hartford to the north to the Wethersfield Meadows in the 
south. Goodwin acquired the development rights to much of the waterfront 
acres as far as he could see.


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