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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Florida Brownfields Law
The Florida Brownfields Association
July 1, 2008

TALLAHASSEE - The Florida Brownfields Association ("FBA"), Florida's statewide Brownfields organization, announces that Governor Charlie Crist signed into law yesterday an important Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment bill passed by the Florida Legislature during the 2008 session. The FBA applauds the enactment of this legislation, which was strongly supported by the FBA. This bill will enhance and improve Florida's Brownfields program and the restoration of environmentally-impaired properties throughout the State in a variety of key ways.

According to FBA President Roger Register: "Yesterday's enactment of House Bill 527 by Governor Crist will move the state's Brownfields program to a new level. In these tight fiscal times, Brownfields redevelopment can provide a local economic stimulus to Florida communities with properties which are abandoned and underutilized. House Bill 527 is the first state Brownfields legislation to specifically provide an incentive for health care facilities built in a brownfield area. This enhancement will broaden the accessibility of health care while at the same time providing cleanup of the environment and protection of public health. The FBA is excited and looks forward to working with local communities to assist in the enactment of these new incentives of the Florida Brownfields program."

According to FBA Board Member and Legislative Committee Co-Chair Jason S. Lichtstein: "The FBA is extremely excited about the Governor's approval of this bill, which will provide important incentives and tools to encourage the voluntary cleanup and restoration of Brownfields and contaminated sites throughout the State and bring a range of added benefits and value to Florida's communities. We are very happy and excited about what these enhancements will do for Florida's Brownfields program and for its continued success." As background, this bill provides several important additional incentives and program enhancements to restore Brownfield properties in Florida, and by doing so, will provide a range of economic, environmental, and public health benefits to the State of Florida and to the communities in which Brownfields and contaminated sites are located.

House Bill 527 provides the following, among other things:

* Enhances state tax credit incentives to further encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of certain abandoned former landfills or dump sites in Florida, which are environmental and economic drains on the communities in which they are present. The bill provides incentives to encourage the removal and appropriate management and reuse of solid waste materials from these former solid waste disposal sites as part of their environmental cleanup and redevelopment.

* Adds a new state tax credit incentive to encourage the construction of new health care facilities (such as health care clinics) on Brownfield sites in order to serve the public health and medical needs of local communities.

* Clarifies and improves certain Brownfield designation procedures for parties participating in Brownfield designations, cleanups, and redevelopment.

* Improves and clarifies a range of state tax credit application procedures to assist parties in accessing these important financial incentives, to allow more time for their submission and review each year, and to allow the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ("FDEP") and parties more opportunity to put together complete tax credit applications.

House Bill 527 was sponsored by Representative Trudi Williams, the Chair of the House Committee on Environmental Protection, and a companion Senate bill was sponsored by Senator Lee Constantine. The FBA applauds and thanks Representative Williams and Senator Constantine for their efforts and support of this important bill and of Florida's Brownfields Redevelopment program. The FBA also thanks FDEP for its efforts and work during the 2008 legislative session.

Background Information

Florida Brownfields Association. The Florida Brownfields Association, founded in 2002, is a non-profit statewide organization made up of a wide range of Brownfield stakeholders in Florida: from local, state, and federal agency representatives and community group leaders to developers, landowners, and academics in the field. The FBA seeks to promote a host of Brownfield-related goals, such as environmental protection, economic revitalization, environmental equity and justice, and public health. The FBA currently has more than 350 members.

Florida's Brownfields Redevelopment Program. Florida's Brownfields Program, which was established in 1997, seeks to encourage parties to voluntarily cleanup and redevelop Brownfield sites through a variety of regulatory and financial incentives. Under Florida's program, Brownfields are "real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination." Since 1997, more than 165 Brownfield areas have been designated by local governments in Florida and more than 110 voluntary Brownfield cleanup agreements have been executed. Florida's Brownfields Program is also a strong engine of economic growth and development, leading to the creation since 1997 of 8,595 new direct jobs in Florida, 7,264 new indirect jobs, and approximately $883.7 million in capital investment in designated Brownfield areas.

To download the original press release, go to

A bill summary is attached.


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