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An interesting sideline on this is the overlapping plumes of chlorinated
solvents. In this case IBM (who owns the big plume) has apparently
cleaned up a smaller plume from an abandoned dry cleaners that they
weren't really responsible for. Alternatively they could have tried to
find and sue the company (or individuals) responsible, which would have
slowed things down considerably. Under the Superfund law this is known
as "joint and Several liability" and is why there is such a large legal
component to the cost and time to cleanup.

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TCE cleanup of former IBM facility progressing

Company, DEC give public presentation

By Jon Campbell
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin (NY)
August 25, 2010

ENDICOTT -- Contamination cleanup efforts near the former IBM facility 
in Endicott are progressing ahead of schedule, but there is still plenty

of work to do, state and IBM officials said Wednesday.

The company and the state Department of Environmental Conservation gave 
presentations on the remediation process to about 20 people during a 
public meeting at Union-Endicott High School.

IBM has been held responsible for the cleanup of trichloroethylene (TCE)

pollution surrounding its former facility on North Street. TCE is a 
cleaning solvent used heavily by industry decades ago, and the pollution

stretches into a large part of the village.

The DEC has proposed a "no further action remedy" for a portion of the 
underground plume located at the former site of Ideal Dry Cleaners on 
North Street between Jackson and Arthur avenues. IBM has drilled heating

wells that have boiled the chemicals from groundwater underneath the 
site, and soil tests in the area qualify for unrestricted use, DEC 
project manager William Wertz said.


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