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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] Fedex, Troutdale, Oregon
FedEx delivers local jobs
Ground distribution center celebrates opening in Troutdale

By Shannon Wells
Gresham Outlook (PR)
October 29, 2010

As recently unloaded cardboard packages whiz along conveyor belts at 35 mph at the FedEx Ground distribution center, a transformation occurs each time a box passes through the orange glow of the laser scanner.


Just a few years ago, the site of the former Reynolds/Alcoa aluminum plant off Sundial Road was essentially a barren wasteland with contaminated soil – a stark reminder of industry’s fleeting nature and marketplace evolution.

In its place now stands FedEx Ground, where around 750 employees process nearly 23,000 packages per hour. Company officials say future expansions will accommodate as many as 60,000 packages with 1,000 employees.


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