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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] IBM Endicott TCE plume - editorial
Long-term risk of toxic plume must be assessed
Report shows extent of TCE at former IBM site

Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin
June 7, 2014

Even after Thomas Watson Sr. moved IBM Corp. headquarters to New York City, the corporate titan would look forward to his regular jaunts to Endicott. He cherished and nurtured the people and factory in Endicott during his long reign as chairman and chief executive at what was one of the world’s most profitable and well-regarded companies.

Now, more than half-century after Watson Sr.’s death, comes the revelation that chemicals regularly used at his beloved production facility were leaking into the ground with regularity. That, however, was a different era. Few knew the potential threat from trichloroethylene (TCE), a solvent used in the production process at IBM and other companies from 1930 through at least the late 1970s.

For much of the time the chemical was in use in Endicott and elsewhere, it was a far more innocent era, when the environmental movement was in its infancy, if it existed at all. For the larger Southern Tier community, as long as IBM was the backbone of the local economy, the company could do almost no wrong. Endicott was proud to call itself the birthplace and home to one of the most respected companies on the planet. Other communities were justifiably envious.


For the entire editorial, see
http://www.pressconnects.com/article/20140608/VIEWPOINTS/306080007/ Editorial-Long-term-risk-of-toxic-plume-must-be-assessed


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