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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] "Cut in brownfield funds will stymie cleanup"
Cut in brownfield funds will stymie cleanup

by Mary Gade
Columbus Dispatch (OH)
August 3, 2017

“Rip them down.” That’s what President Trump said in Youngstown last week, urging Ohioans to tear down aging factories to bring new jobs to the state. Generating jobs and building prosperity are urgent goals, but the president’s call to rip down old factories — many of which are likely mined with hidden toxins — is ironic and troubling.

That’s because the president’s budget would slash funds for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund and “brownfields” programs, and for EPA staffers with decades of experience. That includes funding, state support and knowledge indispensable to returning old factory sites and other properties into productive use while also protecting the health of workers and nearby residents.

For decades, with tremendous bipartisan support, these programs have helped states like Ohio, cities like Columbus and local and regional developers convert polluted and sometimes toxic properties like old industrial plants, mining sites, landfills and gas stations into new or refurbished factories, homes, stores and parks. That’s how it worked in Ohio when I was Midwest region administrator for the U.S. EPA during an earlier Republican administration.


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