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Subject: [CPEO-BIF] "Confronting challenges for Mystic [Connecticut] boathouse park"
Confronting challenges for Mystic boathouse park

The Day (CT)
December 14. 2018 

There’s no doubt Stonington’s plan to transform a Mystic River brownfield into a public park and boathouse site is challenging and complex. While the town has secured public funds for parts of the plan, it must pass muster with a variety of state officials. Those working to make the park a reality must also satisfy a set of local regulations and public preferences about boathouse design, parking and public access.

That means many interests, some which don’t easily mesh, have and will continue to weigh in on this project. Stonington officials say they understood these complexities before seeking residents’ approval in 2016 for $2.2 million in bonding to create the park. And because of those complexities the park may be developed in phases and progress might be slower than the public had expected.
Those officials recognize they must be flexible in working out details. The master plan may change a little or, perhaps, a lot depending on future decisions by state and local agencies and commissions.


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