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Subject: [CPEO-IRF] Navy view of radiation
Navy: No Need To Worry About Radiation At U.S. Submarine Base

There is no radiological contamination that has had an adverse impact on
the environment or the health and safety of the general public, and this
has been well proven

Column by Admiral MARK W. KENNY
New London Day (CT)
June 8, 2005

Some aspects The Day's front-page article titled, ?Radiation questions
remain a concern at Submarine Base,? published June 2, require comment,
including the headline. There is no concern at the Submarine Base for
radioactivity associated with nuclear-powered submarines.

The Navy's practices for controlling radioactivity have always met or
exceeded any federal standard. The releases of low levels of radioactivity
to the river in the late 1950s and 1960s were small by national and
international standards, and were not large even compared to other nuclear
programs today. The Navy took action in the late 1960s toward eliminating
such releases, even though this was not required by federal regulation.
Thus, while it is true that the Navy's practices in the first 15 years of
the nuclear Navy were not as strict as the Navy's own very strict practices
for the subsequent 35 years, they were not ?weak by today's standards.


For the entire column, see

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