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From: coho@whidbey.net
Date: 07 Jan 1995 12:10:29
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Dem ol'RAB blues
Posting from Bill Skubi <coho@whidbey.net>

Our most recent RAB meeting (Jan 5) for NAS Whidbey Island Superfund 
Clean up was a stunning disaster. After having a fairly lively and in 
someway fruitful interaction on the RAB throughout 1994 we returned in 
the new year to some growing issues. 
1. In this first meeting of the new year the Navy chair rushed through an 
agenda remeniscent of a military breifing (without debriefing). Input 
from civilian rab members was discouraged and in somecases even shut down.

2. Even though there were several newly appointed members of the RAB in 
attendance for the first time, no introductions were made. Not even the 
Community Co-chair had been introduced or made aware of the new members 
in any way prior to or during the meeting.

3. When this deficit was pointed out, the Navy Chair did not pause to 
introduce the members to each other. When the "old guard" civilian RAB 
members said we thought we should proceed with the orientation meeting as 
soon as possible, Navy administrators of the RAB said they would be too 
busy with conferences in January to plan the orientation before med February.
Navy representatives on the RAB in no way shared with the community 
members that some of this conference time would be spent in San Francisco 
at the FFERDC meetings. No invitation has been extended to any community 
member of the RAB to attend this meeting.

4. A serious issue is emerging with one community RAB member whose 
husband is being harrassed on his job, and pressure brought to bear on 
his employer with construction contracts on base, directly attributed to 
his wifes participation on the RAB.

In short the Navy's demonstrated lack of social skills in these matters 
seems even higher than normal. Based on the extreme nervousness and 
change of atmosphere at the most recent RAB meeting it would be hard to 
rule out orders from up the chain of command.

I feel we need some help here.

Bill Skubi

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