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From: coho@whidbey.net
Date: 10 Jan 1995 20:29:04
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Independent Facilition blues
Posting from Bill Skubi <coho@whidbey.net>

With all due respect I think Mr. Dickey is grossly underestimating 
grossly underestimating the problem of finding a well respected community 
member to act as independent facilitator. For fifty years now in this 
military dependent community, any independent stand questioning the Navy 
is subject to swift retaliation and conditions practically all civic 
Three recent examples might illustrate my point.
In 1988 a local internist, Wylie Vracin, MD noted that a 260% increase in 
military jet practice carrier landings over residential areas of Whidbey 
Island was resulting in his seeing a marked increase of stress related 
illness in his private practice. Dr. Vracin was well respected and 
serving as the county medical officer at the time, but when he addressed 
a meeting of 250 WISE members and his statements were reported by the 
press he was severely ostracised by a majority of other doctors. He 
thereafter refrained from any public comment.

A local methodist minister took the accepted dim view of " those people 
who complain about the Navy" until he retired in 1989 when he promptly 
joined WISE and has remained a staunch member every since.

A bold young lawyer was one of the founding members of WISE until he 
decided to run for judge at which time he asked to be taken off the rolls 
and joined the local chapter of the Navy League.

I realize things might be different at closing bases.

Bill Skubi

On 9 Jan 1995 jdickey@hsph.harvard.edu wrote:

> From: jdickey@hsph.harvard.edu (Jefferson Dickey)
> a very interesting process point - independent facilitation - i don't
> think there would be any way to get keystone involved, but how about
> getting a local clergy person (or other independent well respected
> community member) who is familiar with facilitating group process to
> act as facilitator, and merely get them assigned to join the community
> involvement panel - I think this could be an excellent approach - J

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