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From: H2OBEAR@aol.com
Date: 19 Jun 1995 15:27:11
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: Request for help, Panama
I have information for the first question you addressed. I live in Anniston,
Alabama where 7% of the nations chemical weapons are stored in igloo like
bunkers. There have been leaks in the past of these munitions. More
infomation may be obtained from the Chemical Weapons Working Group based in
Ky. Their E-mail address is KEFWILLI@EKU.EDU. This group is helping us
fight the building of chemical weapons incinerators in eight locations in the
U.S. I hope this information will help in some way.

You could always use the bunkers for growing mushrooms. This may sound
strange at first, but mushrooms are a big business. 
please don't think I am being facetious, one pound of a particular mushroom,
the morrel, sells for $129.00/lb in the U.S.

Michael Marvinny

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