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Date: 14 Sep 1995 08:54:17
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Subject: AF Devolvement Policy
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 Subject: AF Devolvement Policy New [*] Codes: [ ] 
 Message: Beginning in FY97, funding for environmental restoration will be 
 directly managed by each of the military services, rather than 
 directly by DOD. Following is the policy by which the Air Force 
 intends to do business in the future. Additional policy and 
 guidance is being developed to implement this policy memo. Let 
 me know if you have any questions: 

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 11 Sep 1995

 MEMORANDUM FROM Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Manpower, 
 Reserve Affairs, Installations & Environment)

 SUBJECT: Beyond Devolvement in Environmental Cleanup

 Devolvement of the Defense Environmental Restoration Account 
 (DERA) provides the Air Force with new opportunities to lead the 
 way in cleanup decisionmaking. I believe devolvement allows us to 
 bring changes to our program that can improve our already 
 outstanding record, based on these principles:

 1. The Air Force will execute its cleanup program within budget.
 2. The Air Force will execute its cleanup program using a team-
 based approach.
 3. The Air Force will execute its cleanup program in an open and 
 easily understood manner which allows for timely and meaningful 
 input of regulators and other stakeholders in setting risk-based 
 4. To the greatest extent possible, the Air Force will seek to 
 provide opportunities for local economic benefit from cleanup.

 I see our Restoration Advisory Boards (RABs) as one important key 
 to incorporating these principles into our cleanup program. 
 Because the RABs include both regulators and representatives of 
 the diverse interests within our communities, they will play a 
 significant role in sequencing the cleanup activities.

 I am directing SAF/MIQ, in coordination with AF/CE, AF/SG, SAF/PA 
 and AFBCA/DR, to incorporate the above principles into the Air 
 Force's environmental cleanup program and to promulgate the 
 guidelines necessary to implement this policy memorandum.

 Assistant Secretary
 (Manpower, Reserve Affairs,
 Installations and Environment)

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