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Date: 27 Mar 2001 23:40:55 -0000
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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] Say NO to Fort Ord Toxic Burnings! - March 31st Event
Life 2000
Protecting human health
>>From toxic Military waste
March 27, 2001

For more Info call: 
Vienna Merritt Moore (831) 384-7658 
E-mail: iconsigns@aol.com


The third event in the campaign entitled "Say NO to Fort Ord Toxic Burnings!" 
will be held Saturday, March 31, 1-3pm, at Monterey Bay Park, Del Monte 
Blvd., Monterey, California (across from Lake El Estero Park). "The 
protests/picnics we have held are called DON'T TAKE AWAY ANY OF OUR 
BIRTHDAYS" said Vienna Merritt Moore, of Life 2000, the group sponsoring the 
event. "We are celebrating life and all the extra years and birthdays our 
children and we will have without the Toxic Burnings" The event will feature 
Environmental Speakers such as David Dilworth, HOPE-Helping Our Peninsula's 
Environment, Linda Millerick, SOAR-Save Our Air Resources and Christine 
Bettencourt, Life 2000 Founder. Don't miss a special plea by Monterey Bay 
Children for a healthy toxic free future. Enjoy the food, festivities and 
support the health of your community. The events are intended to increase 
public awareness within the community and to give community members a voice 
that will be heard. Because members of the public have been stifled and many 
feel intimidated to speak their minds a segment of the event will be the 
videotaping of community members. These un-addressed views will be compiled 
and used as a tool to document the opposition to the open burning of 
hazardous and toxic waste within our communities.

Christine Bettencourt, Founder of Life 2000 said "We have had a recent 
victory with the Air District vs. Army case that ruled that more safety 
restrictions had to be adhered to; however, the danger is still out there and 
concerns that the public has about the toxicity of the ranges have not been 
addressed. Like the fact that Range 44, slated for the next open burn is 
described in Army documentation as possibly being the most toxic site in the 
country and the presence of munitions landfills". Ms. Bettencourt also 
remarked, "This could be the most important thing that you do to preserve 
your health, your children's health and your future."

Life 2000 along with Response Team For The Chemically Injured have an 
Evacuation Hotline. Call: 831-784-HOPE (4673) and put your name on it to have 
the Army pay to remove your family in the event of a Toxic Burn.

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