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From: Larry Ladd <llladd@sprintmail.com>
Date: 28 Jan 2004 22:05:54 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Perchlorate in Groundwater Conference
Here's the multiple endocrine account about someone who lived half way
between the high NDMA and high perchlorate wells in Rancho Cordova. You will
note on my website's "Perchlorate in Russia" section under the Topics link
that enlarged pancreases are part of the suspected rocket fuel exposure
syndrome. Perchlorate may have nothing to do with this, it could just be the

The gentleman from Houston writes:

"I tried to follow the medical reports but had a hard time understanding
them.  Can you tell me what cancers to the thyroid may be related to the
perchlorate?  My wife is 38 and recently was diagnosed with papillary and
medullary cancer of the thyroid and neuro-endocrine carcinoma in the
pancreas.  The doctors at MD Anderson, in Houston, Texas, are puzzled at her
having three separate cancers and have not found a genetic cause.  They also
said the cancers don't fit any known profile such as mens 1 or mens 2.  She
lived in Rancho Cordova from 1963 to 1976, 1979 to 1981, and 1987-1989, in
different areas.  We also lived in Henderson,. Nevada, from 1995-1999.  The
thyroid and the tail of the pancreas have been removed.  Her spleen was also
removed but we dont know its relationship with the cancers.  We appreciate
your answer."

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