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Subject: Aerojet detects water pollution in Carmichael
Aerojet detects water pollution in Carmichael
By Chris Bowman
Published 2:15 a.m. PST Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Aerojet has discovered that its rocket fuel pollution crosses beneath
the American River into Carmichael at the same depths tapped for
drinking water, alarming suppliers north of the river.

No trace of the contamination has been found in wells serving residents,
who take most of their supply from the river, according to the
Carmichael Water District. And Aerojet officials vow to quickly identify
the extent of the contamination and contain it long before it reaches
drinking-water wells.

The Carmichael water supplier nonetheless is not taking chances. No
sooner was the pollution confirmed last week than it began making plans
for closing nearly all its wells, said Steve Nugent, the general

"We're taking whatever steps are needed to make sure that what happened
across the river doesn't happen here," Nugent said Tuesday.

Across the river, in Rancho Cordova, Aerojet's migrating plume of
tainted groundwater already has rendered at least 18 wells undrinkable
in neighborhoods west and south of the manufacturing complex. Aerojet
and its parent company, GenCorp, have agreed to supply replacement water
under terms reached after lengthy litigation.

Ironically, Aerojet officials said it was their search for clean
replacement water in Rancho Cordova that led them to the discovery that
its groundwater pollution extends deep underneath the American River and
adjacent neighborhoods of Carmichael.

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