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From: Lenny Siegel <lsiegel@cpeo.org>
Date: 26 Apr 2004 22:11:54 -0000
Reply: cpeo-military
Subject: Re: Horinko Resigns
- From Ted Henry <ted@theodorejhenry.com

At some point, people in leadership positions that get paid to be an
employee of the federal government will have to stand up for what is
right and just.  It is unacceptable to the future of this country for
Ms. Horinko to testify in support of DOD's initiative and then resign.
She does this country no good by such action.  In fact, she perpetuates
the façade that the EPA is able to stand up for protection of human
health and the environment under this administration.

Anyone who knows anything about how our government is functioning these
days at the policy level knows the family explanation is just a
politically acceptable sound bite, and highly unlikely to hold any
truth.  Over the last few years during the fight to keep DOD
environmentally accountable, Governor Whitman said the exemptions were
unnecessary, DOD got the exemptions and Whitman decided to spend more
time with her family.  Next in line was Suarez, who drew the short stick
and inappropriately reported EPA support to Congress.  DOD got their
exemptions and it is my understanding he is no longer with the EPA.  Now
Horinko, testified as to the EPA's support and then realized she had a
family at home, too.

Maybe leaving the EPA allows them to live with themselves, but it does
nothing for our future.  In fact, it hurts our future.  For example,
right now, the Navy moves forward to use its low frequency sonar based
on a few experiments on a handful of subjects from 1 or 2 species,
determining temporary and permanent hearing impact level while not
knowing if they are measuring the right endpoints, how the data does or
does not protect other species, whether they can accurately measure the
inevitable losses, what these losses will do to the long-term existence
of that species or how it will impact the food web.  All the while, some
of DOD's own researchers admit that they are impacting marine mammals by
their testing.

Supporting such DOD actions simply because all the science is not there
to elucidate the actual impacts to come is shortsighted.  To not stand
up for the truth, which includes the protection of public health and the
environment, because someone tells them to tow the line is
disrespectful.  It is disrespectful to the principles upon which this
country was founded.  It is disrespectful to the sacrifices made by
soldiers and their families for our freedoms.  It is disrespectful to
oneself and one's creator.

May God help this country! America moves forward these days with little
if any of the honesty, humility, compassion, judgment and love that I
learned from Sunday school, private education, friends, family and
self-growth.  I may not have children, but my sisters do, my friends do,
my clients do and even my opponents, and I shall never lie down for
greed or the undemocratic use of power.  The future of our children,
this country and, in fact, this planet cannot afford such complacency by
any American let alone the thousand points of complacent light that
shine so dimly these days.

 Ted Henry

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