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Subject: [CPEO-MEF] perchlorate in breast milk
[Note the new information is the last paragraph below. - LS]

Upping the ante
National Academy of Sciences report reignites debate on danger of perchlorate

By Michael Collins
Pasadena Weekly (CA)
January ?, 2005

The Jan. 10 release of the National Academy of Sciences report on the
hazards of perchlorate recommends national drinking water standards be
radically more lax than those that the Environmental Protection Agency
currently strives for, reigniting the debate over the toxic rocket fuel
oxidizer that has permeated the water of 16 million Californians and
threatened drinking supplies in 35 states. 

What hangs in the balance is the health of millions of kids and billions
of dollars in cleanup costs that the polluters, including the
Departments of Defense and Energy, don't want to spend on
perchlorate-polluted sites across the nation. Adding to the mix, the
Weekly has learned that an upcoming study will show that perchlorate has
been detected in breast milk that is not resultant from consuming water
contaminated with the chemical, suggesting that the toxin has permeated
the food chain to an extent previously unknown.


A very low perchlorate drinking water standard may be prudent. The
Weekly has learned that an upcoming Texas Tech University study will
show that perchlorate has been found in breast milk in 11 states,
unrelated to drinking water, with some readings as high as 90 ppb! This
alarming new information should grab the attention of the EPA when it
makes its final determination for this toxic chemical that threatens the
very minds and physical well-being of America's youth. 


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