Vacant Lots to Common Ground Conference

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Subject: Vacant Lots to Common Ground Conference

Strategies for Community-based Brownfields Revitalization
November 14-15, 1997 Conference
Tufts University, MA

The challenge of small brownfield sites.

They are everywhere-- small, abandoned commercial and industrial
sites that litter the landscape of many communities. They raise hope for
community-wide economic vitality, but deliver despair in the reality of
the economic and political forces that have left them idle for so long.
While creative community ideas for re-use abound, local small site
owners, small business and community based development organizations
often lack access to the information, training and resources to bring new
life to abandoned sites.

On November 14-15, 1997 Tufts University hosts a regional conference
focusing on these smaller, sites. The conference explores and develops
sustainable strategies to link brownfields revitalization and community
economic development. The conference is designed for:

* community development corporations
* environmental justice and neighborhood groups
* small business assistance organizations
* lenders and financial institutions
* municipal officials

The Tufts conference delivers relevant and useful information for
those working to revitalize smaller brownfield sites. Recognizing the
link between brownfields and community based development, the conference
provides workshops and forums that connect environmental and local
economic issues, and moves the dialog and action on policy issues forward.

Work shops include:

Primers. For people who are new to brownfields and want a basic
understanding of key issues in brownfields revitalization. Topics include
financing, liability, assessment, cleanup, public health, marketing,
community development and innovative technologies.

Skills. For people who want to build their capacity to be more effective
in revitalizing brownfields. Topics include creative funding strategies
and deal packaging, how to work with Licensed Site Professionals, how to
evaluate public health risks, preventing future brownfields and
collaborating with diverse community partners.

Case Studies. For people who you want to hear real-life lessons from
groups with experience. What works? What models exist? What challenges
must still overcome?

Dialogues. For those who want to learn and contribute to discussions
about new and emerging policies to move the small site issue forward. How
clean is clean? Do new state and federal policies provide incentives and
tools to promote community-based brownfields revitalization? Are
subsidies needed for sites that currently are not marketable?

For more information about the conference please contact:

Debora Keller
Environmental and Community Development
Tufts University
ph: 617-627-3162
fx: 617-627-3097