EJ/Community Caucus Action Steps

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Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:06:37 -0700 (PDT)

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Forwarded from Torri Estrada, Urban Habitat Program

Environmental Justice/ Community Group Caucus
Action Steps

At the first meeting of the Caucus held on Wednesday, September
3rd at the Brownfields Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, approximately
sixty community-based representatives gathered to exchange issues of
concern related to brownfields redevelopment and expectations for the
Conference and Caucus. During ThursdayUs meeting of the Caucus, a draft
set of action steps was presented and expanded upon by Caucus members to
include five major areas:

1. Sharing information among caucus members through the:
% distribution of a list of community group contacts to all caucus
% creation of a listserve through CAREER/PRO which would serve as
a electronic clearinghouse and discussion platform;
% development of a caucus newsletter (to reach those without
internet access);
% offering information training (esp. computer and internet access);
% offering organizational and financial skills training and
networking sessions; and,
% posting upcoming events, conferences, and legislative issues on
the listserve and newsletter.

2. Status of Community-based Groups on Brownfields
% Develop and implementation of a survey to CBO's and EJ groups to
ascertain their knowledge of and involvement in brownfields
redevelopment activities (could also serve as a needs
assessment tool to inform trainings and other caucus agendas).

3. Regional Training and Curriculum Development
% Design and implement workshops that provide tools for community
groups to be effective participants in brownfields
% Articulation of a historical perspective on Brownfields;
% Establishment of a Brownfields Information Clearinghous; and,
% Provision of capacity-building workshops for not-for-profit
organizations working with community-based organizations on
brownfields redevelopment through the Non- profit Caucus
organized by Keith Welks.

4. Environmental Justice/Community Group Common Agenda
% Development of regionally-based and national agenda (draft
attached); and,
% Focused dialogues with USEPA, ICMA, and US Conference of Mayors
on community and environmental justice issues and concerns with
brownfields redevelopment.

5. Planning for Brownfields 1998
% Need for cross-training between different stakeholders;
% Community-based organization participation in conference
% Real-world, problem-solving workshops; and,
% Discussions with USEPA and ICMA (who were present) on conference
planning and workshops.