Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
03 Oct 1997 10:52:46

From: (Jennie Alvernaz)

Hello Tony,

I appreciate receiving the Brownfields info on your newsgroup since
I've been involved as a citizen volunteer in local Superfund issues for
several years now and like to keep up with how the Brownfields concept is
playing out in other states. Limited Brownfields legislation has already
passed in GA and there are continued efforts by industry to work this sort
of language into other state cleanup laws.

My current involvement is at a site in my hometown of Athens GA at
which the responsible parties are trying to convince the regulatory agencies
to invoke a Brownfields sort of cleanup structure. A lot of us following
the issue feel this to be inappropriate, especially in light of the fact
that the city wants to rehabilitate what was formerly an industrial area for
residential, light retail and even greenway uses.

Jennie Alvernaz