Re: Who is using this Newsgroup?
09 Oct 1997 12:54:40

From: Elizabeth Collaton <>

Hello All. My name is Elizabeth Collaton. I am a senior policy analyst at
the Northeast-Midwest Institute, located in Washington, DC. Check out our
website at for a complete listing of our publications on
brownfields, including "Coming Clean for Economic Development" and "Lessons
from the Field." Also on our website is our summary of federal legislative
initiatives relating to brownfields, which we update periodically. Check
it out!

We are researching federal barriers to brownfield cleanup and reuse, as
well as opportunities to modify federal statutes to accomodate same. In
addition, we are launching a smart growth research agenda with USEPA Urban
and Economic Development staff, to look at federal opportunities to support
linked policies affecting land use, cleanup, urban revitalization, job
creation, affordable housing, transportation, etc.

I look forward to staying in touch through this newsgroup.