Re: environmental risks (fwd)

Peter Strauss ( )
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 08:39:07 -0800 (PST)

From: Peter Strauss <>

I'm not sure that its appropriate to request a lenghty technical analysis
over this news group. However, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Many
of my answers are based on personal opinion.

>1) The waste management company says it could clean up the land, and
>asked a large feel for cleaning up the property. I would like to find
>out about getting a second opinion to watch over the waste management
>A) Is it better to get a second opinion before the cleanup, after the
>cleanup or as the cleanup goes on?


>B) Can you recommend a waste management company to do the second
>C) The pollutants are listed below in the letter. What are the problems
>with these pollutants?

Some PAHs are carcinogens. Although they do not move quickly in soil, they
are very persistant. Metals, of course, never die.

>D) How good is the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for
>their monitoring?
>E) Allowable levels of pollutants are usually given for adult males.
>Any known effect for children? Are there lower levels allowed for these
>pollutants for children?

I'm not sure that this statement is correct. Allowable levels usually take
into consideration children. I'm not sure what standards you are using.
There are Federal standards for drinking water. There are no federal
standards for soil.
>F) Would it be safe for children after proposed cleanup and capping?

An answer requires site specific analysis.
>2) The original samples were taken from the front 2.5 acres. Most
>of the samples were taken around only 2 areas known to be contaminated.
>Few samples were taken from areas not known to be contaminated. Is this
>proper sampling techniques, or should more samples be taken from the
>untested areas?

>From what you describe, this is not sufficient. More detailed sampling
regime should be asked for, or the reasons why it is not should be provided,.
>A) How problematic might the contaminated water table below be once the
>area is capped?

Again this requires a site specific evaluation. Capping slows the movement
of groundwater. You cannot say how much it has that effect unless we no
about the hydrogeology of the site.
>3) The school plans to build while children (preschool age) would be on
>the property. How safe or unsafe would that be after proposed cleanup?

All caution should be taken to avoid inhalation (or other exposure routes)
of contaminated materials.
>4) Is there any other factor that I did not address that I may need to
>address as well.
>My goals are to make sure the property is safe for my children, and even
>more importantly, make sure the property is completely safe for all the
>other little children in the Yeshiva, and to avoid a potential tragedy
>(Eg in 20 years finding out that something went terribly wrong).
>Thank you for your help with this.
>P. Ledereich