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From: Tobyclark <Tobyclark@aol.com>
Date: 28 Jan 1998 08:50:41
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: The Brownfields Report 3rd Annual Conference (fwd)
In case you have not already received their announcement, here is what the
Brownfields Report says about their upcoming converence:

The Brownfields Report presents Its 3rd Annual Conference:  Brownfields:
Innovative Tools that Work", March 26-27, 1998 in Baltimore, MD.  

The Brownfields Report is the first independent source devoted to the
growing movement of reclaiming contaminated urban sites. This
semi-monthly newsletter covers legal, financial, regulatory, business
and political aspects of brownfields. It is the primary source for
federal, state and local regulators, corporate and environmental
attorneys, economic development officials, environmental bankers, and
contractors and developers.

Why Attend This Brownfields Conference?

Brownfields is becoming what policy analysts call a "mature issue." New
ideas are proliferating: cities are finding innovative ways to attract
developers; developers are finding new uses for old industrial sites;
and state and federal brownfields programs are being fine-tuned.
Increasingly, brownfields are recognized as realistic and profitable
investment opportunities and critical elements in regional economic
revitalization plans across the country.

Attend "Brownfields: Innovative Tools That Work" to learn about the
latest and most effective means to revitalize brownfields- from site
location to financing and insurance. This conference will help you make
the most of local, state and federal programs.

Join experts from across the country for a series of pertinent and
useful presentations highlighting recent successful, innovative
brownfields tools. Network with the people and organizations in the
forefront of brownfields revitalization. 

                        What You Will Learn

Learn about successful brownfields revitalization projects: how they
began, were financed,and implemented. Learn the best techniques to get
insurance to pay you. Find out about the most recently enacted and
proposed federal legislation. Learn about what money is available for
brownfields and how others have leveraged these resources. Learn the
most efficient techniques to identify and evaluate serviceable
brownfields - find out how internet resources reduce research time and
offer decision-support services.

Please click on the following address to review the conference schedule.

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