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Subject: Indiana's Army Ammunition Plant Wins Award

Hi Everyone,

We're just passing this on.  Citizens' groups tend not to like the ARMS
program, but we have no direct knowledge of community response at this

For the full article go to:


Facility One Wins National Phoenix Award

PITTSBURGH--April 17, 1998--Charlestown, Indiana's Army Ammunition Plant
(Facility One), which recently celebrated its five-year anniversary as a
successful, private-use industrial park, was presented a prestigious
national award for innovative practices in turning liabilities into
assets and value. . . . through environmental clean-up, job creation and
leadership in the economic development of southern Indiana. Facility One
was one of three public sector projects to receive a National Phoenix
Award for Excellence for Redevelopment of a Brownfield Site at the
Fourth Annual Industrial Site Recycling Conference (ISRC) in Pittsburgh
this week. The Phoenix Awards recognize individuals or groups for
outstanding efforts to remediate brownfields, return the sites to
productive use, and stimulate economic development and job growth.

In 1993, Congress passed legislation allowing private development of the
16 existing, unused production facilities. The Army retains ownership
and environmental liability for the sites and provides funding to
rehabilitate the facilities through the Armament Retooling and
Manufacturing Support (ARMS) initiative. Facility One's success in
bringing new business to southern Indiana has made it a national model
in the Army's efforts to ``recycle'' its brownfield sites into
private-use facilities.

BACKGROUND: The Indiana Army Ammunition Plant (INAAP) was established in
1940 to produce bagged propelling charges for large-caliber ammunition.
It was originally constructed as two facilities: a smokeless powder
plant built and operated by the DuPont Corp., and a bagged charge
facility, installed and operated by Goodyear Tire Company. One of more
than 60 such facilities eventually constructed in the U.S., INAAP was
utilized during war efforts for over 50 years. The only large-scale
``black powder'' manufacturing facility in North America was located at
the INAAP.



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