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From: ejag@teleport.com
Date: 13 May 1998 19:08:02
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: Lots of questions...
Not sure I can offer much insight but... I work for a non-profit EJ 
group in Oregon. We are working on a contaminated sites campaign which 
in part is looking for list of brownfield sites. What we are finding is 
that different agencies (enviro, trans, city, HUD) keep different lists. 
There is little communication between lists which are formatted 
differently. The same piece of land can be reference 8-20 different ways 
and be on the same amount of lists. So, we have moved to adding a "on 
the ground" mapping appoach; it may prove to be faster than working 
public records!  We also suspect that the current system of (well we 
don't know where the sites are or what they are worth or if the 
redevelopment of these sites are important) is a way of disadvantaging 
low-income and communities of color. If you don't know what you have, it 
is hard to know about the available resources. We have heard of a 
private community that will do database searches for such sites. If you 
are interested I can look them up for you.

--Kevia Jeffrey
Environmental Justice Action Group
From:  Lynne Atwood
Sent:  Wednesday, May 13, 1998 6:54 PM
To:  cpro-brownfields@igc.apc.org
Subject:  Lots of questions...

Our web activity on Clean Start Properties has increased dramatically to
approximately 900 hits a month.  We are having difficulty getting:  city
planners/Economic development entities/BF pilot grant recipients/BF
showcase communities/realtors/ and owners to list vacant and =
properties.  Our site is confidential; no contact or street address is
given without permission and participation is gree.  Even when we offer =
go on location to help fill out the listing forms, people don't follow =
up. =20

My questions are:
1.  Why are people reluctant to list properties even with =
2.  Are people distrustful of a "Free Listing Service" thinking it's too
good to be true?
3.  Would Clean-Start as a non-profit entity find it easier to access
properties to list, success stories, articles, and information to put on
our site?
4.  Why don't people follow through with our offer to go on location and
list even when they control the property?

Your input on these questions would be appreciated.  More information =
be useful in my decision regarding non-profit status.
Lynne Atwood                             phone:  (401)728-6860
Clean-Start Properties Unlimited          fax:    (401)727-1849
Business Development Representative       email:  la@cleanstart.com
URL:  http://www.cleanstart.com

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