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From: "Kristen J. Sarri" <ksarri@umich.edu>
Date: 15 Jun 1998 09:05:15
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Satellite Broadcast on HUD Financing for Brownfields Redevelopment
Brownfields were an important part of a communitys economic foundation
and these sites can again be vehicles of urban renewal.  Communities
must often overcome serious financial and environmental barriers to
redevelop brownfields.

HUDs Community Development Block Grant and Section 108 loan guarantee
programs along with the Departments new Brownfields Economic
Development Initiative are flexible sources of funding for brownfields
redevelopment.  This year, HUD has available $25 million in competitive
Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI) grants to stimulate
public and private investment in brownfields redevelopment.

The satellite broadcast will tell you how HUDs economic development
programs can help your community redevelop brownfields, and it will
describe the BEDI application process.  Also, we will look at how the
Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation is using HUDs Section
108 loan guarantee program to turn brownfields into economic assets by
restoring abandoned buildings in downtown Philadelphia and spurring
business development on brownfield properties.

Satellite Coordinates:
GE-1C, Transponder 1; 3,720 MHz, Horizontal.
This satellite is located at 103 Degrees West Longitude
Satellite broadcasts may be viewed at HUD Offices.  To find a viewing 
station near you or to order a video of this broadcast, call Community 
Connection at 1-800-998-9999.

Visit the HUD Brownfields web site at: www.hud.gov/bfield.html

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