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From: Tony Chenhansa <tonyc@cpeo.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 16:50:28 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Lottery $$ for Brownfields in the UK
Lottery Cash for Playing fields
BBC Online
Friday, March 12, 1999 Published at 08:30 GMT

When I was doing a search for brownfields articles this morning, the
word "Lotto" immediately caught my eye (cha ching!). I always hear about
insurance, tax incremental financing, and revolving loan funds as
sources of financing for brownfields projects. This is the first time
I've heard a Lotto fund being set up for environmental projects.  I've
got some questions in at the end if you're interested in discussing this

The news story comes from the United Kingdom (UK). The government has
set up a fund of 125m (I think about $200 million US dollars) from the
National Lottery for the purpose of creating green space and "playing
fields" for schools.  In the past schools and local authorities have
been allowed to sell their sports fields to keep their budgets
balanced.  This initiative hopes to reverse that trend by encouraging
the re-use of brownfields property and preserving green space.  The
"green spaces initiative" will allow community groups, schools, and
councils to apply for grants to improve their environment.

The grants can be used for the following.

Buying unused derelict land to create new parks and green areas
Improving existing public spaces
Encouraging access to the countryside
Helping the environment through recycling schemes
Creating community wildlife gardens
Improving waste management
Encouraging business to use green technologies

Culture Secretary Chris Smith says "Developing brownfield sites can
benefit a community, but losing green space is not a sensible thing to

In California, the lottery is suppose to provide supplemental funding to
California public education on all levels from kindergarten through
higher education.  The Lotto web site says $9.8 billion dollars has been
contributed to education since 1985.

Do you think citizens would support the creation of a brownfields lotto
fund here in the US?
What would be some of the barriers in trying to implement a lottery fund
similar to the UK one?
Do you know of any States that have a "successful" lottery?
Do have any other creative financing ideas?

Tony C.



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