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From: "Peter B. Meyer" <PBMEYE02@athena.louisville.edu>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:37:11 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: State-run Voluntary Clean-Up Programs

Kristi (and others) ... first and foremost, let me recommend catching up
on all the output of the Northeast-Midwest Institute -- lots on the
states; Charlie Bartsch and Elizabeth Collaton there may be the best
single soruce of what's hppening across the states...of course, in
trying to cover the watefront, they may miss some critical minutia of
details on implementation...  Second, there are excellent materials from
the National Governors' Association Center for Best Practice, third, if
you have not spotted it yet, there is an interesting study a year or so
ago from the Council of Great Lakes Governors, Inc. (they are in
        I've actually mentioned this project before, but it bears
repeating, since we'd love to expand on what we have with data from
other states, if information is available.... I currently am pincipal
investigator for a HUD study of stateVCP and economic development
efforts entitled "Assessment of State Initiatives to Promote
Redevelopment of Brownfields."  We are actually trying to go beyond case
studies to statistical analysis, which is what HUD wanted, but we have a
severely limited study simply because not enough states have brownfield
project (or even economic development project) data in computer readable
form and we had to have that to be able to get anywhere with no  money
for going to states and copying, transcribing paper files...  the study
is looking at MA, MI and PA -- in large part because of their data
bases.  We also have state case study data to augment the statistical
files, and I would be happy to look into collaborations that would
broaden our scope after we are done with our delivery of a product to
HUD's specifications... and I assume HUD would let us share our data at
that point.
        Unfortunately for the immediate future, I am on my way out of
the country next week until late July, so I can't think in detailed
terms right now...  if you want, hit me again in August...
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