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From: Emery Graham <"egraham"@ci.wilmington.de.us>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 15:43:21 -0700 (PDT)
Reply: cpeo-brownfields
Subject: Re: CDC and resident capacity building program

Let's talk a look at what being in the lead means. Does it mean that you
what, when, and where to build? Does it mean that you decide the scale of the
project? Does it mean that you determine the terms and conditions of the
development agreement? Do you decide who gets paid, i.e., who gets the
construction contracts, the legal jobs, etc; you know the softcost jobs
that get
paid large and first?

Let's take a look at what you, so correctly, indicate that community folk
to the table in a development project: 1) a knowledge of need, and 2)
motivation. Now in the SF project that you mention; what role did community
motivation and knowledge of need play; who will own the "community wealth"
you mention, the same people who bought "knowledge of need" and
"motivation" to
the development process? Will those with the social capital defined by
"knowledge of need" and "motivation" be able to convert that social capital to
economic capital. Are they being paid as consultants; do they have an equity
position in the development; are they owners in any of the enterprises that
locate at the renewed development site? If not then will they be able to
continue to live in the redeveloped area; will they be guaranteed personal
employment at the new enterprises or will qualified members of their families
have such a guarantee? If your answer is "no" to these questions, then how do
these people convert their social capital into economic capital. Maybe the
supplied some of the debt capital, i.e., they loaned the developers some

Just how does the community you describe become wealth, on an individual and
social basis, from the development you refer to?

Alex Lantsberg wrote:
> after reading many of emery's posts, this is the last thing i would have
> expected to come from him.
> my limited experience shows that although community folks don't necessarily
> have the capacity to do all of the aspects of the devopment process--they
> can play an important role throughout it.
> community folks--especially those who have been there for decades--have a
> deep understanding of what their communtiy needs.  for those who are
> active--the motivation is definitely there.  to dismiss them smacks of an
> elitist attitude that these folks can only talk, not do.
> here in SF, a CDC has partnered with a traditional developer to transform
> the oakland army base.  this development will address community needs, build
> community wealth, and provide immense enviornmental benefits.  granted that
> you still need the technical and finanical capacity to see the project
> through, its the community thats in the lead, not the developer
> alex lantsberg

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